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Throughout its history, Victory Fellowship Church has been a regional church, not a community church.  Its members have come from all over Nashville, (one of the nation’s largest cities in the geographical area), and all the surrounding counties.  When in recent years, it became obvious, because of cultural and demographical changes in the city, that it was necessary to relocate the church, Pastor Bill and the leadership began to seek God for direction for that move.  After three years of a transitional faith walk, Pastor Bill was led by God to do church in a whole new way.  The original church property had been sold, the church was debt free and God was on the move.  In a tongues and interpretation word from God, The Lord said to Pastors Bill and Linda, “I am releasing you from the confines of one local church to a broader influence in the Body of Christ.” He went on to give them some details of the meaning of that statement.  A few months later that word from the Lord was confirmed through another minister almost word for word.  The Lord was making it perfectly clear that the days of Pastors Bill and Linda pastoring a traditional local church had been fulfilled.  It was time to move on to a new and innovative way to do church.  Yet in reality, it wasn’t new at all.  It was the Acts 2, 21st Century Church that Pastor Bill had been preaching and proclaiming for almost 15 years.  The people had not understood what he had in his heart.  Even he did not have full understanding of what was in his heart, because there were too many missing pieces.


In the summer of 2015, the Lord supplied the missing pieces that put it all together in an actionable vision plan.  In December 2015, the Armada House Church Network was launched with a great Holy Spirit inspired momentum.  Now, as we enter a new era in 2020, the House Church Network has been transformed by a new mandate from the Lord.  We are now Victory Fellowship, an apostolic hub with Gathering Locations throughout the Middle Tennessee region.  Most of the locations meet every Sunday morning with a few exceptions.  Once every 6 weeks all locations meet to worship together at our Regional Gathering.  Our oversight pastors, Bill and Linda McRay meet with the pastors from all Gathering Locations for leadership training each month. 


In addition to overseeing a growing apostolic hub, Pastors Bill and Linda also have a flourishing traveling ministry with frequent manifestations of miracles, healings and deliverances.  He continues to write books and is planning to launch a world-wide internet ministry in the very near future.  We have a successful and fruitful past here at Victory Fellowship, but the best is yet to come!

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